Customer Testimonials

The ShadeCase is a proven sunglasses storage solution for men and women of all ages. Whether you are soaking up the summer sun or just need a go-to glasses caddy to ride along with your daily commute, our collection of eyewear cases will be able to serve your well and in style. The proof of our product quality is best seen through the satisfaction of our customers. Travelers, sportsmen, and families love ShadeCase. Read these testimonials below, and order your own set today.

“Brilliant idea! If I had this product a year ago I wouldn’t have lost $650 in prescription glasses and Maui Jim sunglasses on my flight back home from a business trip. I tried to carefully pack the flimsy case I tried to use for both pair of glasses while wearing my contacts and kept it at the top of my carry on so it wouldn’t get crushed…instead it somehow fell out. The shade case is stylish, durable AND PACKABLE. Love it!”

Kim F. – Sharp Marketing

I’d say that this product is pretty amazing, because most who have sunglasses end losing them, breaking them or scratching them, so the 3 pair sunglasses case is the best idea yet I’ve seen 10 out 10 stars, great products.

Justin H.

This is a Great Product!! I was fortunate to get mine before they actually came out and it is always with me. I even take it on the boat, It’s waterproof …Very durable, can’t wait ‘til they come out in Camo…

Michael K.

I absolutely love mine! Very sturdy, easy to travel with, not bulky, stylish, and water resistant! I never have to worry about my shades again.

Steven W.

Look what I got for the Groove Cruise!!! The best Sunglass/eyeglass case EVER!!! Holds all the sunglasses I am taking with me and they will be in one case and will stay safe..If any of my GC peeps need one contact me..they come in 2 sizes…LOVE IT!!! Plus you always know where all your glasses are..PLUS IT MAKES A great Christmas gift !!!!!

Elise M.

“I love mine and it safely protects both my expensive glasses in my car!! Thanks Shadecase!!

James B. – New York

I love the shadecase! Keeps all my sunglasses in good condition and no longer have to worry about them breaking or falling out of some flimsy bag.

Rebecca A. – New Jersey

I work in a mine site, and have four safety glasses, the cases are pretty tough, suitable for the environment where I work. I don’t really use the third compartment, because it is too small for safety glasses. But I certainly would love to get the 2 pair case when it is available.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase. Certainly worth it.

Tajol – Australia

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