Licensing Opportunities through Sunglasses Accessories

Breast Cancer Support CasesBuilding your brand is synonymous with strengthening your company. Enhance your visibility in the market with the help of ShadeCase. Travelers, adventurers, and people of all walks of life can count on our line of sunglasses accessories and carriers. By establishing a partnership our company, you are able to augment your branding and marketing efforts. Expand your brand and let customers know you’re there to support them.

The Importance of Branding

People gravitate towards the dependable. So when customers associate your company with something that they are able to rely on, they are likelier to come to you for your products and services. Are you hosting a promotional event or marketing initiative? Supplement the festivities with equipment and goodies your visitors can use!

Products and services that have a recognizable name or logo are likelier to attract more customers and generate more “buzz.” Establishing licensing agreements with other product manufacturers is a great way to improve your brand.

Licensing Leads to Better Leads

Breast Cancer Support CaseJust take our very own ShadeCase line of products. Engineered to protect delicate eyewear, it’s grown to become a popular addition to handbags, glove boxes, and travel packs. We’ve established a reputation for making a strong product and now our strength can add to yours.

Add your logo or brand to our ShadeCase products, and you will send a distinct message to your market base. After all, if potential clients can trust their glasses with your name, there is a good chance they will reach out to your company as well.

Get Started Today

Augment your marketing efforts and add immediate value to your brand. Our ShadeCase products can be custom-printed with your company or product logos. We can produce and ship wholesale orders, which allow you to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Contact us to request licensing and customization options with the ShadeCase. We proudly serve businesses throughout the United States