ShadeCase Page LogoThe ShadeCase is the final word in portable eyewear storage. Born from a necessity for a dependable, portable way to transport delicate items, this handy eyeglasses caddy is a great companion for anyone who is always “on-the-go.” Learn more about our flagship product below, and be sure to augment your glove compartment or handbag with this convenient storage solution.

Built with User-Friendliness in Mind

The ShadeCase is an invention of someone who needed a convenient, easy-to-use storage solution for eyewear. Designer sunglasses and prescription sunglasses are expensive and can be even costlier to replace, so it helps to have a secure place for storing them when they aren’t needed. The ShadeCase bridges the gap between ruggedness and fashion. It is a lightweight and tough carrying case that has served travelers and commuters faithfully. Its design is so effective that Kevin Harrington’s Shark Tank endorsed it.

Style and Strength in a Single Solution

Now your shades and glasses can travel in First Class! The ShadeCase is the perfect way to store or travel with up to two pairs of sunglasses whenever you hit the road. No more breaking your frames or scratching your lenses. The new, patented ShadeCase is the first, multiple- sunglasses holder on the market.

ShadeCase is amazing in quality, and it uses durable, scratch-free foam and a solid case for great stability and protection of your investment. Just zip it up and go. This is the new, trendy, and protective way of storing pairs of sunglasses without damaging them in your automobile, boat, or even your home.

The benefits of owning a ShadeCase are being able to store your sunglasses or eyeglasses in one location with a fashionable look and great protection! No more digging for your glasses in your purse or having them rock around in your car. ShadeCase makes the perfect travel item when you’re packing for that vacation or business trip.

ShadeCase can also be used for storing a variety of smaller items as well. It’s a go-to storage solution that guards your valuables against bumps, scrapes, and breakage.

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